Question: How will you help in improving the keyword's ranking?

Answer: We'll definitely help you in improving the keyword's ranking on Google and Bing. Once the work is successfully started, you'll see the improvements in keywords ranking after couple of days of work started. You will start seeing the results from the end of second month and expected results you will get in 3 to 4 months.

Question: How much time will you take to rank my site on Google page 1?

Answer: It takes on an average 3 to 4 months for medium competitive keywords, for highly competitive keywords we'll take up to 4 to 6 months, and for the low competitive keywords, we take a maximum of 30 to 45 days to rank on Google page 1.

Question: How much will be the cost for doing SEO of my website?

Answer: Usually we charge $250 for optimizing 5 keywords, and $400 for optimizing 10 keywords or key-phrases. Please note, if we start work for 5 or 10 keywords then similar keywords will rank also.

Question: Do you need my website's credentials?

Answer: Yes, if you want an express service then you should share your website's FTP or cPanel details and admin access of website at the time of start work for doing on page SEO and fixing technical SEO issues. If you don't feel comfortable to share website's credentials then we'll provide number of recommendations and you have to make changes your self on the website accordingly.

Question: How will you rank my website?

Answer: Mainly we rank websites through the on page SEO optimization and fixing technical SEO issues on website. If needed then we do off page SEO and build authority inbound links to your website that boost your website's ranking.

Question: Can you rank my website for different language?

Answer: Yes, We are good in English and for other languages (Dutch, French, German) websites, we use Google translator for implementing all SEO essential changes.

Question: Will your SEO techniques penalize my website?

Answer: Please be positive, we always use the best practices of search engine optimization standards that is completely safe for your website. Our services are based on the latest updates.

Question: Is there any contract to avail your services?

Answer: No, Not at all. You can stop the services any time and your all previous work will be completed timely.

Question: What is SEO and how does it works?

Answer: The process of making a site and its content highly relevant for both search engines and searchers to increase ROI or meet goals. SEO includes technical tasks to make it easier for search engine spiders to index the content on a website or social media networking community.

Question: Does web page size matters?

Answer: Yes, web page size matters. Search engines will only crawl a portion of the data on a site if it is overrun with programming codes, large graphics and other technological instances that would slow down as website load time.

Question: How sitemap is important?

Answer: Basically we use two types of sitemap in website first one is User sitemap (HTML) and another one is XML sitemap. The basic difference is that XML sitemap is search engine friendly sitemap and it helps in indexing the pages, another one HTML is user friendly sitemap which helps to user site navigation.

Question: What is canonical issue?

Answer: When website opens in both version with www or non www, it means there is a canonical issue in the site. Website should be open in the only one version. Other wise search engine will consider another URL's content as a duplicate. It may be harmful for ranking purpose. For this we need a proper redirection to www URL's or non www URL's.

Question: What is 301 redirection?

Answer: A 301 redirect tells search engine spiders that a page of content has permanently been moved to another location. This ensures that there are no dead or non-working, active links on a page within your site.

Question: Why should I outsource my SEO work?

Answer: SEO is a full time process. Unless you have at least one experienced full time SEO in-house it is strongly advised to seek assistance from a SEO company or consultant.

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